Wordle Today

What Is Wordle Today?

Wordle Today is a simple web-based word puzzle game that refreshes every single day. It has a similar mechanic to Jotto, a popular pen-and-paper game that was introduced way back in 1955. Younger people should also realize the similarities between the game and the Lingo game show franchise.

There is no unique answer for each player. Each day, a word is chosen from the game’s database, and all players have to guess it.

This simplicity doesn’t stop the game from growing more popular, however. Since its inception, there have been an unmeasurable number of variations and clones of Wordle Today.

How To Play The Wordle Today Game

Enter Your Guess

A 5-letter word will be randomly chosen from the game’s database each day. You, the player, have a total of 6 chances to guess it. Simply input the guess that you believe to be the most correct and hit Enter to submit your answer.

Check Your Guess’ Tile Color

After you have input your guess, the tile color of each character will change to show how correct you are. When the tile is green, that character does appear in the word and is at its right position. If the tile is yellow, the character is present in the word, but its spot is wrong.

A character that doesn’t exist in the answer will cause the tile to turn gray.

Guess A New Word

After you see the result of your previous guess, you can try again with the remaining 5 attempts. Remember not to use any gray letters again, as turning gray indicates that they don’t appear in the answer.

If you have managed to turn any tile green, remember to use that same character at that exact position. After you have checked all the boxes, hit Enter again to submit your new guess.

You can continue this loop until you run out of tries or all the characters’ tiles turn green. If you succeed, you are forwarded to a popup that showcases your statistics. These include the number of games you have played, your win rate, your current streak, and your best streak historically.

Share Your Achievement

The Wordle Today game shows you how well you did with the huge green Share button. Clicking it lets you copy your colorful grid and paste it onto practically anything. You can attach it to an email, a Facebook post, a tweet, or even an SMS.

Of course, as many people play this game each day, what you share doesn’t entail the answer to that day’s puzzle.

Tips To Play Wordle Today

Use A Three Vowel Guess

The first guess is actually the most vital part of the game, as it can make or break your streak. If you manage to guess 2 to 3 characters with it, you have narrowed the possible choices down significantly. That is why it’s best that you start the game with a word containing 3 vowels.

After all, at least one vowel must appear in one word for that word to make sense. This fact, combined with the fact that there are only five vowels, means you have a much higher chance of correctly guessing the vowels in the answer.

You can try any of these words for your first guess: adieu, irate, audio, abode, cause, radio, etc.

Differentiate Your First And Second Guess

Aside from the characters that you have confirmed to appear in the answer, follow your first guess with one that consists entirely of different characters. After all, the game is a process of elimination at its core. Using this strategy means you can narrow down the possible choices even more through yellow and gray tiles.

Be Careful Of Duplicate Letters

One big mistake that many Wordle Today players make is assuming that a character turning green once means it’s done. That’s not the truth at all, as there are many words with duplicate characters.

For example, you can guess the correct “L” character, but the answer is “Knoll.” You will lose the game if you don’t realize this issue soon.

Be Tactical With Your Yellow Letter Placement

When you have a yellow letter, you have finished half the challenge. However, you should not be too confident and waste your guesses. Depending on the actual character, you can guess a position where they have the highest chance of appearing.

For example, let’s say you have a yellow “K.” A good choice is to place it at the end of the word, as there are many words ending with “ck.”

Never Use Gray Words Again

Despite its obvious nature, many people still fall into the trap of reusing the grayed digits. You should always remember that once a letter turns gray, there is no chance it can appear in the answer. As a result, all the words that use this letter are wrong, even if they also contain every correct letter.

Other Top Word Games


Foodle is an alternative to the classic Wordle game if you have grown bored of the same old playstyle. You still need to input a five-letter word, but this time, it needs to be related to food and cuisine. Any word that does not have a link to this topic is automatically wrong.

The game was developed by Daniel Anyanwoke, a fan of Wordle and food. Because of this, it seamlessly incorporates the two.


Numberle is a novel way to enjoy Wordle without getting tired of guessing the same five-letter word every single time. After all, you will need to utilize your brain more, using both your reasoning and math skills. You still have the same six tries, but this time, you need to guess a five-digit number.

Of course, the rule remains the same. If your digit is in the correct position, you get a green tile. On the other hand, you get a yellow tile if it’s in the wrong spot and a gray tile if it’s entirely wrong.


If you are a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift, put your knowledge about this world-famous singer to the test with Taylordle. As the name suggests, it’s still a word-guessing game, but this time, you can dive into a universe tailored for Swifties only. This amusing change to the gameplay makes this same old style a lot more challenging and interesting, especially music enthusiasts worldwide.

From her songs and album titles to anything related to Taylor, you can type in any 5-letter word and get to know her better!


Even among the numerous games that follow Wordle’s footsteps, there is no denying that Heardle is among the most unique. After all, it forces its players to use other parts of their bodies rather than their brains and eyes. When you play Heardle, you must fully use your ears and sense of music.

With each wrong guess, you get to hear a new layer of the music until you get the whole picture. For this reason, players rarely get bored, as they always hear something fun and novel.


At first glance, it seems like Quordle is not that different from Wordle, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This game actually has a lot more depth and requires you to be as analytical as possible. The secret lies in the way all the output is piped together, so you have to solve four puzzles at once.

Each puzzle offers a unique hint, so less experienced players may need to spend some time figuring things out.


Phrazle is a more advanced form of word guessing than Wordle. It’s not limited by the 5 character rule, as it involves a phrase. If you are beginning to find Worrdle too easy, we believe Phrazle can be a much-needed challenge for your mind.

It requires you to not only know about words but also how those words form into phrases and idioms. You can also play this game with up to four friends, improving its social aspect even more.


It might not be an overstatement to say that Sedecordle is the final boss of Wordle game alternatives. If Wordle asks you to find one 5-letter word in 6 tries, Sedecordle requires you to find 16 words of the same size. As you can see, the difficulty rises exponentially.

Only those with the best memory and analytical minds can challenge this final boss of a game and walk away with a win.


All in all, it is indisputable that Wordle Today is one of the biggest games available on the Internet. It’s also inarguably the single most popular word-based puzzle game.

This game’s simple mechanics and engaging gameplay are what make it so popular. If you happen to get tired from playing it nonstop, you can try some other fun alternatives that we have prepared.

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