Introduction To Contexto

Contexto is a word-guessing game, just like the famous Wordle, but has separate gameplay and in-game features. In this new version, players’ mission is not to figure out a secret five-letter English word but to spot the exact hidden English word with more or less than five letters.

There’s hardly any other way to improve and enrich your English vocabulary with a puzzle game rather than the Contexto game. You can hone your brainstorming skills and develop your reflexes in English when taking challenges from the game. Another point making this variant unique from the Wordle game and other spin-offs is the interesting gameplay. Let’s go further into the game!

How To Play The Context Game

The game starts with a command and the guessing box with the label “type a word.” You will get no hints and related information about the hidden word at first, so just take the first guess as a free guess to get further details of the secret English word.

Particularly, Contexto offers players unlimited guessing times, unlike other word-guessing games that restrict the allowed attempts for the hidden word. For this reason, you can take advantage of your vocabulary source to come up with as many possible words as you can.

Furthermore, the guessed word can contain more or less than five letters, which is a common number of letters contained in a word in the Wordle game and its variants.

After entering your potential word in the guess box, remember to press Enter to submit the word. Like many other word-guessing games, the Contexto game will give you feedback or a hint after it receives your guessed word.

Hint In The Contexto Game

Although the Contexto game provides players with a hint, it may not be enough to rely solely on the hint for a better guess. The only hint is a number displaying how far you can reach the correct answer. The smaller the number is, the closer you are to the precise hidden word, which will be numbered 1.

After a few wrong guesses, the game will automatically recognize how struggling you are and deliver further hints to you. You must press the three dots icon on the right side of the game’s logo. Then, choose “Tip”.

Each time you press “Tip,” you will get a word that is close to the secret word. The guided word often at least stays from the 500 number and above. Once you get the guided word, you can now narrow down the related field to which the hidden word belongs to. Based on your assumption, try to think of the words also included in the field.

Let’s say you are on a dead end and can’t find any way to the final answer. You can choose “Give up” to immediately get the solution. But giving up also means you can’t enjoy the satisfying feeling of figuring out the secret word anymore.

Why Should You Play The Context Game?

The most prominent reason you should play the Contexto game must be the opportunity to enrich your English vocabulary while still having fun every day. When playing the game, you can revise almost every English word you have learned so far.

Besides, the prompt frequency of coming up with related words will enhance your reflexes when thinking of an English word. As a result, you can also improve your speaking skills in English by having faster interaction with a specific situation.

Apart from the academic benefits, a game is worth playing due to its exciting gameplay. Playing the Contexto requires your logical thinking and a bit of luck. Of course, with the first guesses, you will have no idea the field containing the secret word. Therefore, picking a random word that has a high chance of matching the hidden word is like winning a lottery prize.

From the guessed word, you must rely on your logical thinking and brainstorming to spot the hidden word. Now, hit the Play button and enjoy its benefits and endless fun!

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