What’s Letterle?

Simply put, Letterle is a word-guessing game without the word part. This game has distilled the classic wordle gameplay down to its essence. It is not an overstatement to say that this game is Wordle’s minimalist and slightly absurdist cousin.

This is not to say that the game doesn’t have its own unique approach to fun. Instead of challenging your brain too much with a full five-course word puzzle, it allows you to have a quick mental snack. In other words, Letterle is the perfect game to kill time while taking a mini-break from work.

How To Play Letterle Game

As we have mentioned, you are not guessing any word while playing Letterle. Instead, you will need to think of a single letter that has been previously chosen from the game’s database. This action will finish before the start of the day, so you will always have a new letter to guess with each new day.

This game is a full-on game of chance and randomness. You shouldn’t expect any complex strategy; just have fun guessing random letters until you hit the jackpot. That is also the reason you will get a total of 26 chances before the game ends. As such, you can’t lose, as the alphabet is your arsenal.

The core gameplay is a little different with this game, as it’s no longer guessing the words. You don’t get the yellow letters, which signify your letter is correct but in the wrong position, anymore, as there is only one letter to guess. The gray and green gimmicks still exist, though.

If your letter is green, you have correctly guessed the answer. On the other hand, you get a gray letter if your guess is wrong.

Tips To Play Letterle

At first look, the Letterle gameplay may look basic and completely reliant on randomness. However, a surprising layer of strategy is involved in the game.

For example, it has been proven that, on average, guessing a letter randomly is not as efficient as using the process of elimination. If you start with vowels and other highly utilized consonants, then work your way backward, you will solve the puzzle in no time.

You should also remember that overthinking is a great enemy in this game. While creating unnecessary complexity is easy due to your Wordle-trained brain, you must remember that it’s just a single letter.

Of course, the nature of the game means that sometimes it does come down to luck and chance. When you encounter this case, there is nothing to do but laugh and enjoy the strange yet satisfying feeling of lucky-guessing your daily challenge.


Letterle is bite-size and quirky, delivering a peculiar type of satisfaction to its players. Whether you are someone who loves the thrill of a good guess or a Wordle veteran looking for some quick distraction, you can’t deny that Letterle has a bizarre charm in its simplicity.

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