About The Quardle Game

To begin, let’s have a look at the famous Wordle Today game, a.k.a Wordle. It is a famous word-guessing game in the community of puzzle game lovers. Released in 2021, the \ game soon reached millions of players globally. Due to its extraordinary success, many game developers want to follow the formula to make their own products.

The Quardle game here is an obvious example of a puzzle game based on the reputable Wordle game. However, this spin-off is modified to become a much more hardcore version compared to the original one, taking players’ experience to new heights. In detail, Quardle will involve solving four Wordle puzzles simultaneously, meaning that you will have to deal with a 4x difficulty level now.

No matter how accomplished you are in the Wordle game, this new version is still a tough puzzle for you to work out.

The Quardle Game Playing Guide

Players will start the Quardle game with four blank grids, including nine rows as nine allowed guesses and five columns as five letters in a word. So, briefly, you will have nine available guesses to spot four five-letter English words. Although there are more tries than in the Wordle game, it may not be sufficient to reveal all the hidden words in the game.

You can make your guess in the Quardle game like you do in the Wordle game. Just type your guess and press Enter to submit. However, don’t mistake that the guessed word is only applied to one grid. On the contrary, one guessed word will be applied to all the grids at the same time.

Of course, the Quardle also offers you hints like the Wordle game does.

How To Decode The Hints

All the hints in the Wordle game are still maintained in the Quardle game. If you have played Wordle before, you can skip this part. There are three hints in the Quardle game:

  • A yellow tile indicates that the letter of the guessed word also appears in the solution word, but it is misplaced. As a result, you must relocate its order in the next guess.
  • A green tile is a sign of a perfect guess. You win the game when all the letters of the guessed word turn green.
  • A gray tile shows that you have made a wrong choice. Gray letters have nothing related to the secret words of the game.
  • A Small Tip For Your Quardle Game

    In the Quardle game, don’t try to solve the puzzle one by one. You should focus on the grid with the most yellow and green letters. Even when you have to switch constantly among grids, it’s still better than using up all your allowed guesses in a single grid but not figuring out any correct answer.

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