What To Know About The Weaver Game?

Weaver is a word-guessing game that can be mistaken with the famous Wordle Today. Although both are word-guessing games, the Weaver has a different gameplay from the other.

In Wordle, players will have to figure out a secret word from nothing given in advance. On the contrary, in the Weaver game, players will be provided with a starting word and an ending word.

The mission is to determine the hidden English words originating from the starting word and then leading to the ending word. The most difficult part is that the following word must have 3 letters in common with the previous one, creating a sequence from beginning to end.

Although Weaver only requires players to figure out four-letter English words, it may be more challenging than Wordle due to the restricted range of word choices for players. Let’s see how you can enjoy the game!

How To Play The Weaver Game?

To make a guess in the Weaver game, you can fill the blank spots between the starting and ending words with a possible word guess and press Enter. Remember that the word you submit must contain exactly three letters from the words above it.

For example, the game has the starting word “BEAT,” so you can start your guess with the word “HEAT,” which includes three letters “E,” “A,” and “T” from the starting word. Next, the word after “HEAT” can be “MEAT.” Then, gradually, you will have to think of words consisting of three letters from the word right above it.

However, if you solely play the game with the following rule, you can’t reach the ending word to win the game. Therefore, during your play, the Weaver game will tell you which letter of the previous word should stay in the next guessed word by coloring it green. When you notice a letter goes green in your guessed word, you should leave it in the same position in the subsequent guess.

It’s highly recommended to follow the green signal of the Weaver game if you want to win the game quickly. Or else, your word guessing may last until you run out of words to fill in the blank spots.

Trick For The Weaver Game

You can look up related words to deal with the Weaver game puzzle via an online dictionary. In detail, you can search for a list of four-letter words starting with a specific letter effortlessly on any web source. And choose the most optimal one for your gameplay and submit it.

Is The Weaver Game Limited?

No. Unlike the daily Wordle Today game, Waver allows you to enjoy endlessly since its release to the community.

You can enjoy the older Weaver game by clicking the Dice icon beside the Question icon. The system will take you to a random previous Weaver game for you to test your English vocabulary.

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