Heardle Introduction

If you are looking for a game combining the music-guessing and puzzle-solving genres, you will get all what you want in Heardle. You will surely fall in love with this interesting game with its familiar concept and famous songs, especially for music lovers.

Let’s see how to master this game!

What Is Heardle?

Heardle is an amazing music-based puzzle game with wonderful song ideas for you to guess. It is a musical version of the wordle game, allowing music fans to find an exciting way to connect more deeply with songs and artists.

You have to finish the secret word in only six attempts, which is similar to the rule of Wordle. You will have a maximum of sixteen seconds to listen to the song’s introduction before trying your best to guess the title and artist.

The special thing is that the game includes sound tracks from a collection of the most streamed songs in the last ten years. It is a real musical twist for you if you wish to guess every song right since it requires you to know about all types of music.

How To Play Heardle Game?

Unlike guessing the keyword with hint letters, you will solve the Heardle puzzle by listening to the tune and guessing the right song name. In each round, you need to find the song title after hearing three seconds of a song.

Whenever you guess the wrong keyword or skip the round, you will be given the next three seconds to hear the audio clip. You can use the skip button to have more chances to listen to learn more about the final answer.

However, if you fail all six guessing times, you must wait for another chance until the next day. This game is limited in terms of playing times, which will keep your curiosity to figure out and know the exact keyword.

Useful Tricks For Playing Heardle

Prepare Yourself With Wide Music Knowledge

When it comes to music games, it would be best to have a considerable amount of knowledge about this field. Knowing diverse music genres and songs from different years makes it easier to find the answer.

Make every effort to focus on the game and think of the answer right after listening to the first note to win the round with as few attempts as possible.

Listen Music On Spotify

As Spotify has acquired this game title, most of the songs will appear in the music app. So, if you stream on Spotify frequently, chances of finding the song in the first few tries will increase.

Turn To Google

Taking advantage of a helpful search engine is highly recommended when you run out of ideas for guessing the correct word. You can type in the Google search bar or a dictionary to look up appropriate words to fill in the missing squares.


After reading the instructions, we hope you have learned all the relevant information and get ready for a wonderful playing time with Heardle. It would be best to be quick-witted and determined to master the game successfully.

Playing the Heardle game is a good idea to relax in your leisure time and test your music knowledge simultaneously. This brilliant game will blow your mind and make it hard for you to resist its attractiveness.

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