Wordle Unlimited

What Is The Wordle Unlimited Game?

If there is a rank of the best puzzle games, Wordle Unlimited will definitely secure a top position in the list. The wordle game was released to the public in the last months of 2021, and it effortlessly acquired millions of players within a few months. This achievement is a glorious milestone for any game developer to conquer.

Unlike other phenomena on the market, Wordle gained its success not for its super realistic graphics but for its simple gameplay that even a kid can try. It is a word-guessing game in which players have 6 chances to spot the exact hidden English word. However, in the beginning, the original Wordle game only allows players to enjoy one game daily.

That’s no longer the case now. With Wordle Unlimited, players can now play countless games daily. After each challenge, whether you can solve the puzzle or not, you can still unlock a new one by refreshing the browser. Even better, this version is developed with some more exciting play modes.

How To Play The Wordle Unlimited Game

The game is straightforward to play. You will type a random word in the blank grid and press Enter to submit your answer. The first guess is a spare guess because no one can spot the answer within the first guess. It’s like winning a lottery.

In the Wordle Unlimited game, all words you choose must be valid 5-letter English words. Remember that you only have 6 attempts to use in each challenge, so try your best to figure out the hidden words before the available guesses run out.

Hints In The Game

After submitting the guessed word, you will receive feedback or hints from the system. The hints will be presented under the three colors below:

  • The gray color is applied to the letter that is not included in the hidden word. So, you must avoid reusing these gray letters in the subsequent tries.
  • The green color is a sign of a perfect choice. Letters colored green appear in the hidden word in the exact order. You win the game when you get a row full of green letters.
  • The yellow color indicates that your guess is nearly precise. Letters in yellow also show up in the secret word, but their orders in the guessed word are wrong compared to the correct one. For this reason, you should keep these letters in the next tries, but try to change their order.
  • 3 Interesting Playing Modes Of Wordle Unlimited

    #1 Adjustable Numbers Of Letter

    When clicking on the Setting icon, you can modify the number of letters by choosing a number beneath the “Number of letters” section. Therefore, you can enjoy an easier Wordle version with fewer letters or a more challenging game with more letters.

    #2 Hard Mode

    In the hard mode, your focus is to use all the provided hints in the next guess. For instance, if your previously guessed word includes letters “E” and “A” colored in yellow or green, you must think of a word that contains both the colored letters in the subsequent guess.

    #3 Daily Mode

    If you want to try the feeling of the original vibe, you can opt for the Daily Mode in the Wordle Unlimited game. When playing with this mode, you can only challenge yourself with one Wordle game per day.

    Tricks For The Wordle Unlimited Game

    #1 Avoid Reusing The Gray Letters

    When reusing some specific letters, you are wasting your guess, particularly if the letters go gray after you submit the word. Therefore, try to use as many separate letters as you can.

    #2 Don’t Rush

    The Wordle game doesn’t have a countdown timer, so you don’t need to rush yourself by making multiple wrong choices. Just spend your limited guesses wisely.

    #3 Always Start With Different Letters

    You should always start your Wordle game with one word containing different letters. Let it be your lucky word, and wait for further hints to come up in the second row.

    #4 Rely On External Help

    You can look for the list of words having the same amount of letters as your Wordle game on the Internet. Then, just pick the one having the most relevant letters as your hinted word.

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