What’s Sedecordle?

The best description of Sedecordle is that it’s wordle today on steroids. It provides Wordle addicts with a chance to finally ditch all their training wheels. This behemoth of a mind-boggling word-guessing game takes the familiar Wordle concept and literally ramps it up sixteen times.

After all, you will be solving 16 Wordle grids at once. For this reason, Sedecordle is not simply a game but more of a battleground where you need to utilize logic, vocabulary, and mental stamina.

How To Play Sedecordle

The core gameplay remains the same: You need to guess 5-letter words. The way the tiles change color based on your guess is also the same. Green is correct; yellow signifies that the guess is in the wrong position and gray means that you are wrong.

However, you will be absolutely overwhelmed by the swarm of grids in this game. Each Sedecordle game requires the player to complete a total of sixteen puzzle grids at once. Each puzzle grid has its own unique answer that was randomized from the game’s database.

Each guess you enter will be applied at the same time across all the grids. As a result, you need to be mindful of what you put in. It doesn’t just affect the specific grid on which you are focusing but also all the other 15 grids.

Of course, you will still have the same old color-changing gameplay that made Wordle popular in the first place. Green, yellow, and gray will guide your wins. Remember to use these hints well, as you only have a meager 21 chances to win.

Tips To Play Sedecordle

Due to the sheer number of grids available, you need to use strong starter words. These are words with many vowels, as vowels always appear at least once in every word. You can utilize words like “stale,” “crane,” and “arise.”

There is also the fact that 16 grids at once are too much for your brain to keep track of. That is why it’s best that Sedecordle players map their progress in mind. Using a notepad to organize all confirmed letters and their potential placements will help tremendously.

You should also employ the divide-and-conquer strategy when playing Sedecordle. After all, no human can juggle sixteen words at once, even if they have a notepad helping them. That is why you should only focus on solving three grids simultaneously.

There are also cases where less conventional words with trickier letters can significantly help. You can use them to pinpoint tricky letter placements or eliminate possibilities.


No one can argue that Sedecordle is the final boss fight that all Wordle fans should experience. It’s exhilarating, frustrating, and incredibly addictive. Even with the 21 attempts provided, you may need to spend a long time before you can comfortably solve all sixteen words.

However, this game’s thrill of incremental progress should be able to keep you coming back for more.

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