What’s Waffle?

The Waffle game took inspiration from the classic Wordle Today while elevating it to a new level. You still arrange letters to form words, but you do so in a waffle-shaped grid. The letters should be formed with respect to each other, as they intersect horizontally and vertically.

No one knows about the man behind Waffle. All we know about him is that he is a long-time fan of the Wordle game. Getting bored of the same old gameplay, one day, he decided that he could add another layer of depth to the game. From this idea, Waffle was created.

How To Play Waffle Game

Waffle still follows the same core principle you are familiar with in the Wordle game. You need to arrange characters into words previously chosen from the game’s database. These letters change their color depending on whether you are right or not.

For example, a character being both correct and in its rightful spots will turn green. If it’s in the wrong position, you will see yellow. Lastly, you get a gray color if the character doesn’t exist in the answer.

However, the difference is that you will need to do so horizontally and vertically. The words also link to each other, providing an additional challenge to the player. To solve this new problem, you will need to strategize in addition to your vocabulary.

When you finish guessing the words, you get a star for every chance you have to spare. This feature encourages the players to be as strategic as possible and make as few mistakes as they can.

Tips To Play Waffle

One big thing to consider when playing Waffle is that one letter can appear in many words. For example, the horizontal word needs an “N,” and the same applies to the vertical word. However, there are three words: “Funky,” “Dingo,” and “Clone.”

In this case, there are only two “N”s, as “Funky” and “Dingo” intersect right at the “N” letter. As a result, the player can use two “N” to cover three words that need it.

You should also keep in mind that one letter may appear multiple times in a single word. If you don’t consider this possibility, you may lose the entire game.

For this reason, players may need to repeat a letter in their guess if they know the letter is correct. However, you need to know which letters have a higher chance of appearing multiple times. A good example is the word “knoll’. You will never guess right if you don’t know that the word “L” is repeated.


All in all, it is undeniable that Waffle is a harder but also more interesting version of the Wordle game. You will always have more to think about while playing this game, from the strategic placement of letters to the word intersection.

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