What’s Quordle?

As you can guess from the “dle” ending, we call Quordle a new variant of the word-guessing wordle game. It is specifically built for Wordle players who have grown too accustomed to its gameplay. Quordle offers a chance for these players to actually test out their accrued vocabulary with its unique 4-grid-1-answer playstyle, translating to 4x difficulty level.

Of course, when you need to solve 4 puzzles at the same time, just vocabulary is not enough. You also need to make use of your strategic mind, allowing the player to enjoy the game more through the challenge. This game perfectly balances between being hard enough and not too impossible.

How To Play Quordle

Quordle’s core gameplay is similar to that of the classic Wordle game. With each guess, you will receive hints based on how the character’s tile changes color.

You get a green tile if you figure out the right letter in its correct position. If the letter does appear in the answer but is in the wrong spot, you get a yellow tile. The letter being a dud entirely means that its tile will be gray.

You will need to be much more strategic when playing Quordle than you normally are when playing Wordle. After all, each time you guess, you aren’t guessing for one word but four. This added layer of depth gives the game more challenges, allowing you to flex your mind and vocabulary.

Of course, you also have more chances to be wrong when you play this harder variation of Wordle. To be more specific, you have nine chances to figure the words out. The game ends once you use up all the guesses without finding the answer.

Tips To Play Quordle

Quordle demands both quick thinking and strategy to succeed. That is why we recommend focusing first and foremost on the overlapping of hints between the grids. If there is a yellow “T” between the grids, the words all have that letter. Using this tip efficiently can significantly cut down on guesswork.

You should also never be intimidated by the seemingly huge amount of work the grids present. As long as you start slow and focus on completing a single grid, you should solve all of them in no time. You can also get hints for other grids while solving a specific one.

The common tip of choosing a word with many vowels still applies to Quordle, just as it does to Wordle. After all, all words need to have at least one vowel to make sense.


There is no denying that Quordle lets its players challenge their vocabulary and mind more. However, it’s still manageable. That is why players don’t get stuck too long, which usually leads to them quitting the game due to frustration. This balance allows the game to gain both popularity and longevity.

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