What’s Victordle?

The Victordle game is a novel variant of the classic Wordle formula and a new version of Cowordle, focusing entirely on PvP gameplay. This twist of head-to-head play on the classic game amps up the challenge significantly, as now you don’t have the luxury of slowly figuring the words out.

Pitting you against another Wordle enthusiast in a real-time battle adds another layer of competitive depth. With this new fast-paced gameplay and the motivation to beat a living opponent, Victordle is transformed into a thrilling race against the clock and rival players.

How To Play Victordle

Once you have accessed the Victordle website, you will be asked what game mode you want to play. You can either take turns guessing in the turn-by-turn mode or try to solve as fast as possible to beat out your opponent in the duel mode.

In duel mode, you and the opponent try to guess the word simultaneously. Before you can begin, you will be asked if you prefer the normal or hard versions. The normal version allows you to think of any 5-letter words, while the hard version requires the next guess to have the hints of the previous guess.

You can see your opponent’s progress on a second board, and the same applies to your opponent. Once your opponent enters their guess, the board will immediately show you how that guess does. With this feature, both players will have a sense of urgency, making the game more challenging yet fun.

Tips To Play Victordle

The most vital thing to remember while playing the Victordle game is that speed greatly matters. It would help if you still employed all the usual Wordle strategies. However, typing speed and efficient strategies will also decide your result, as you are playing against another human being.

Of course, the usual Wordle strategies still hold up. If you start with a strong guess with multiple vowels, you will likely hit some letters. From then on, finding the answer and beating your opponent will become much easier and quicker.


The new Victordle game combines the Wordle phenomenon with a uniquely thrilling and social twist. By adding a competitive element, the game creates a sense of friendly rivalry between its players. For this reason, the classic word-guessing experience is elevated to a fast-paced battle of wits.

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